Saturday, November 17, 2012

From Closets to Streets: Coming soon

My friend, Russ Mendez (designer, stylist, fabulous) started his fashion blog. Not just, another style blog that features everyday style but a fashion blog incorporated with journalism and criticizing. The blog was originally  made in Wordpress but will soon be available here on Blogger. I helped in designing the site and I feel that it will be fabulous.

Please, do follow him. He made the clothes I used for one of my photoshoots (the photo above). What's exciting about this new venture is that, he will be featuring local designers specifically in Iloilo City which has a vibrant talents - from modeling & photography to make-up & design. Russ can give more exposure and justified write-ups for these talented fashion people.

Here is the start of something new. Please do support him @

Love & keep your fash on,

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